SPRING!  Chase away those Winter Blues with lively, colorful spring planters. We pack our Spring containers with vibrant combinations of cool-season blooms that brighten up the whole block.

We begin delivery of our spring planters as soon as we have a frost-free forecast in hand. Delicately textured and brightly colored, spring favorites bloom continuously for months!

SUMMER!  Long days, warm weather, and ample sunshine are the perfect recipe for spectacular growth. Watch your summer arrangements triple in size on your patio, deck, pool, or wherever you spend your warm, summer months.

As the daylight hours stretch longer and longer, it's time to swap out the Spring flowers with a wide variety of heat-loving plants. Bold foliage in rich hues overflow and flower profusely!

AUTUMN!  As the crisp Autumn air rolls in it's time to refill your planters with harvest-themed arrangements. Warm earth tones mirror the shifting colors of the forest.

Those first cool breezes herald the arrival of Autumn and planters made to suit. Wispy grasses, seed pods, ornamental cabbage and kale, peppers, and varieties of pansy create the bountiful, harvest aesthetic so characteristic of Autumn. Our cold-tolerant planting schemes ensure that your arrangements last until a hard frost.

WINTER!  Just because the rest of the world is drab and dreary doesn't mean the front of your home needs to be! Our winter collection provides a much-needed pop of color during the colder months.

Once all the trees have dropped their leaves, a splash of color at the front of your home is more needed than ever. Red and orange berries, pinecones, and brightly colored dogwood twigs all nestle into a deep green spray of fragrant pine, fir, and boxwood boughs.

Trillium offers Commercial & Residential Landscaping Design & Installation, Gardens & Plant Installation, Outdoor Living Areas, Landscaping Maintenance, Mulching and Specialty Gardens.

Flower Boxes are a fun, new addition to the services we offer! The process is simple...

1st - Design Consultation!  We'll set up a meeting so we can get to know each other, see your property, and discuss any personal preferences you may have.

2nd - Choose Your Planters!  We'll help you select planters and an option that fits your home, style, and budget. Whether you want one small planter for your front stoop or twenty around your pool, no job is too big or too small!

3rd - We Deliver To You! At the beginning of each season, we will return to your home to plant seasonal arrangements that are perfectly suited to your home's unique growing conditions. No guesswork, no plants in your car, no dirt under your fingernails. We have you covered from start to finish.

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